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Casinos – The Swiftly Becoming Addiction Centres

Casinos are generally perceived to be the spots that encourage gambling and gambling games and activities.
Before the concept of casinos, people used to bet money on a game and play blackjack online anywhere and everywhere they get a place
which was considered an offense. But after the casinos made their entry, this trouble of finding a suitable spot
for gambling to happen has been relaxed because casinos are legally permitted establishments for gambling.
So these casinos are now the most abhorred places in a society and there have been

many criticisms and oppositionsfortheir existence from the social and religious groups.Gambling is against the basic principles of life. Ancient books of historic importance highlight that anything that involves money in the form of bets is considered against the social law and is a discouraged act.

So these casinos have a lot of oppositions and resilience from the society and its people. It is only those who have been in this gambling field for very long encourage this act while the others oppose them strictly. But why is there a lot of objections and defiance for this? let`s get into the details more deeply.

Generally, all those who gamble do not know to put a limit to their gambling urge and interests and hence get entangled in its tightly knit nets. It is a game that tugs in people and makes them repeat their deposits with the various different games in the name of gambling.

It is very hard to control the gambling interests especially when a person is inside a casino. The main aim of visiting a casino is to make some extra money but the whole concept gets lost when the gambler is not a smart gambler. Now, who is a smart gambler?

A gambler who knows his limits and knows to put a stop to his gambling desires is a smart gambler. There are gamblers who follow this but only a very few. Most of the gamblers get lost in the whims and fancies of the grand rewards announced for the day and travel unmindfully towards it wasting all their money for nothing. Now it is these gamblers who fall into the trap of addiction. Yes, gambling is also a type of addiction

wherein a person is unable to put a stop to his gambling interests and hence ends up emptying his pockets. This does not mean that there are going to be only losses every time. Of course, there have been many successful gamblers who have made a living from scratch with the money earned through gambling but this does not happen to all. The problem with the gamblers is that they get carried away by the peanuts they earn and this becomes

the starting point for the problems thereafter. This small earning makes them greedy and they start wishing for more but unfortunately most of the times the second try is a failure. Instead of taking a break, they become more anxious and keep trying and losing aiming at the jackpot finally only to see their pockets empty. So gambling is not only making your pockets go crazy but even you and you will finally end up finding yourself addicted to it for no reason.

Imagine how it would be to have an addict at home? You think there would be peace? What are the other problems faced by the family members? Let`s take a look at all these.

Generally, such hyper gamblers go to any extent for getting money and the most common mistake they do is borrowing from others which fall on the shoulders of the family members. It is a big problem to handle the debtors and finally, the family is put under pressure. They start living a life of frustration, anger, dejection etc and on top when there is an addict at home, it becomes hell. Apart from this the bigger and major responsibility is to keep an eye on the addict for anything might happen to him. He might go to any extent failing to control his urge for gambling or probably the inability to give and make money in casinos. So this is another big trouble for the family. So it is not just the gambler but the entire family that suffers due to this most disregarded activity.